[Privoxy-users] Bug? In the manual...

Marc Draco marcdraco at protonmail.com
Mon Nov 13 21:38:59 UTC 2017

A rather frustrating one and excuse my ignorance if I missed this in the manual but I'm quite a slow reader and I might have missed it. The manual makes allusions to using SHIFT-Refresh to clear the cache and reload the page.

Although YMMV, I'm using Iceweasel (Firefox) 56.0 on Ubuntu 64 bit and I discovered that you need to empty the disk cache or you're potentially in for a world of very confusing pain. Had me dancing around like an idiot since I knew privoxy was alive and listening to connections on the DietPi powered Raspberry Pi BUT I couldn't access p.p (for example.)

I think I'd managed to cache a faulty page previously (while setting up) and when I'd got the bind address to the Pi's static address correctly, Firefox kept returning an error page. Clear the disk cache and "boom" job sorted!

I expect this is probably an issue for other users and OSes too - so it might be worth putting something in the FAQ, etc.

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