[Privoxy-users] privoxy on android 8.1. Bad system call

Ian Silvester iansilvester at fastmail.fm
Sun Jan 6 03:02:51 UTC 2019

Hi Andrey,

First of all, it might be the email formatting, but it looks as though
there is a carriage return after the chmod 755. If that is the case then
delete it - the $CB_HOME/privoxy should be on the same line, with only a
space between the 755 and the remainder of the text.
If that is not the issue, could you try removing the "/mnt" element from
all the paths and see if that works?
I'm honestly just guessing though - I am running Android 6 and we have
had reports of success on 7, but I have no means of confirming whether
the workaround we're using to enable Privoxy to run can even work on
Android 8.
If you do get it to work, please report back to let the community know!


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On Sun, 30 Dec 2018, at 14:29, Andrey Turbanov wrote:
> Hello, guys.
> I'm trying to start privoxy on my non-rooted android device by
> instruction> from here:
> https://www.privoxy.org/sf-download-mirror/Android/3.0.26
> (stable)/privoxy> readme.txt
> First of all I changed paths in privoxy.start script to be
> actual on my> system
> Actual content:
> CB_HOME=/data/data/org.connectbot
> [ /mnt/ext_sdcard/privoxy/usr/sbin/privoxy -nt $CB_HOME/privoxy
> ] && cat> /mnt/ext_sdcard/privoxy/usr/sbin/privoxy > $CB_HOME/privoxy &&
> chmod 755> $CB_HOME/privoxy
> $CB_HOME/privoxy --no-daemon /mnt/ext_sdcard/privoxy/config
> I installed connectbot. Checked that /data/data/org.connectbot
> is actual> folder of this app.
> Why I try to run *sh privoxy.start I* get this:
> Bad system call.
> [image: изображение.png]
> Not sure what to do next. I've tried to diagnost problems with
> log file.> I've created config file
> logdir /mnt/ext_card/privoxy
> logfile privoxy.log
> debug 65536
> But log file doesn't appear.
> My phone:
> Huawei Mate 20 Lite
> Android 8.1.0
> Is there any way to avoid this error?
> Andrey Turbanov
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