[Privoxy-users] Actions for trackers like FB/Twitter/G+

Beeblebrox zaphod at berentweb.com
Mon May 7 14:19:19 UTC 2018

There's a lot of confusing code floating around the interwebs on how to
block website-embedded trackers using Privoxy.

You visit a page, if it has the Facebook/Twitter/Google+ widgets on
there, a cookie gets placed to track further browsing behaviour.
Personally, I delete all cookies on browser exit, but that's a limited
solution. For Privoxy, should we

a) Crunch cookies for trackers or
b) Add a trackers.actions file?

If (b), many versions of sample code exist, so a "canonical" or
curated code sample would be very helpful for flailing users :) Samples
I dug up (mostly from) https://github.com/fdb/privoxy-config

{+block{Block Yahoo Analytics}}

{ +filter{plusone}}
# Filter Google's plus one Javascript bug.
FILTER: plusone  plusone.google.com
s at https://apis.google.com/js/plusone.js at at g

{+block{Block Google Analytics and ads}}

# Spécial Google
/.*utm.js                                    # variante d'urchin
/.*stat.*\.js                                # un filtrage générique
/.*\/urchin.js                              # variante d'urchin
/.*s_code.js                                # variate d'urchin
/.*google-analyticator.*                    # le plugin pour wordpress


{ +block{Facebook-tracking button.} }

#This section from:
#s|<a [^>]*(sharer.php).*>(.*</a>)|<a href="http://www.fsf.org/fb"><img
src="http://img804.imageshack.us/img804/7822/dislike50.png" alt="Not
f'd" /></a>|sigU
#s|<a [^>]*(sharer.php).*>(.*</a>)|<!-- Squished Facebook Object
#s|<iframe [^>]*(like.php).*>(.*</iframe>)|<!-- Squished Facebook Frame

{+block{Block Twitter buttons}}
#s|<script [^>]*(widgets.js).*>(.*</script>)|<!-- Squished Twitter
Object -->|sigU

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