[Privoxy-users] Can privoxy work with Windows' Cortana the like?

Lee ler762 at gmail.com
Fri May 4 05:28:32 UTC 2018

On 5/3/18, ifoolb at gmail.com <ifoolb at gmail.com> wrote:
> I notice that even when privoxy just connects directly to the web, no
> forwarding, no parents, once it is used, Cortana, windows login, Cortana web
> search etc no longer work. Not a big deal but I'm curious if it's possible
> to get privoxy to work with these things.

Is privoxy still running when Cortana, windows login, etc. no longer work?

My experience has been that it's fairly difficult to keep Windows 10
from phoning home but regardless.. see
specifically the bit after
  please make sure that the logfile directive is being used and the following
  debug options are enabled
then check the privoxy log & see what all is being blocked.

Cortana, edge, ie & i dunno what else are going to use the system
proxy settings, so the output of
  netsh winhttp show proxy
would be nice.  eg
C:\Users\Lee>netsh winhttp show proxy

Current WinHTTP proxy settings:

    Proxy Server(s) :
    Bypass List     :  (none)

As would the section after
  The following options were given in the config file:
from http://config.privoxy.org/show-status


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