[Privoxy-users] issue with gzip content-encoding and range queries

Thorsten von Eicken tve at voneicken.com
Wed Jun 29 15:55:16 UTC 2016

On 6/29/2016 4:42 AM, Ian Silvester wrote:
> To clarify, can I confirm that Privoxy is installed on a Debian box that
> you are using as a proxy for all your local clients, correct? That is to
> say you do not have Privoxy installed locally on the Android client that
> is experiencing the issue?
Correct. For testing I did a from-scratch install in a container on a 
linux box and configured my android devices to proxy through it using 
the wifi settings.
> Secondly, could you detail the make, model and Android version affected.
I've seen this with a Nexus 7 tablet running stock 5.1.1 and with a 
Samsung tablet running Samsung's 5.1.1.
> I notice your Android user agent is 'stagefright/1.2'. Could you detail
> which browser you are using
>   on Android?
I'm using standard chrome. From googling around, it seems that 
stagefright is the media player an android.

On 6/29/2016 6:34 AM, Fabian Keil wrote:

> I don't use Android or Chrome, but can reproduce the issue with curl:
Thanks for checking, I didn't realize that the status code already reveals the problem.
> I see the same behaviour when Privoxy isn't involved,
> but it's conceivable that your client sends different
> headers when not using a proxy.
> It might help to sniff the traffic when seeking without
> Privoxy to confirm this.
I will try this tonight. I hope the difference is not a matter of timing & buffering...

Thanks for the quick replies!


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