[Privoxy-users] Suggestions and Routing question

Unknown arkmail0 at riseup.net
Mon Jun 27 21:43:14 UTC 2016

Hi. Thanks for your reply!

> I'm frequently annoyed by websites that force me to use HTTPS

Well, Privoxy is a software/developer website, and having all pages on HTTPS
is better than plain HTTP. For example, when I visit 'php.net(HTTP)', it redirect to
'secure.php.net(HTTPS)'. There's also a famous "HTTPS-Everywhere" add-on too.
The world is shifting to HTTPS :-)

At least, how about changing this link to HTTPS? If you use HTTP for downloading,
someone might temper the packet.


(Personally, I prefer (.onion Website) >>> (HTTPS) > (HTTP).)

> Patches for this are welcome of course.

Does your webserver can use PHP?
If so, I'll see what I can do. (e.g., converting current release text to rss format automatically)

> If you want to prevent clients from making any requests to ports
> other than 80 and 443, you'll need the block{} action as well.

...Eh, really? I've using Privoxy for many years and I use '+limit-connect{80,443}'.
When I tried to access 'something:8888/', privoxy serves "HTTP 503 Forward failed".

Okay, so based on the manual, I wrote something like this;


{+forward-override{forward .} +limit-connect{8888}}

I don't use any filterfile, so I'm not sure this will work; I'll try this later.

> In the future, please use separate mails for unrelated topics.

Sorry about this, I'll separate email next time if I have something for Privoxy.

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