[Privoxy-users] Suggestions and Routing question

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Mon Jun 27 14:37:30 UTC 2016

1. How about redirecting visitors to https?
"www.privoxy.org" -> redirect to HTTPS

2. Now that you decide to leave SF, would you add an RSS feed on privoxy website?

1. How can I route packet to other route?
(I don't use offered action files, I use my own)

I'm asking this because v3.0.25's guide is not clear.
> "Add client-header-tagger 'listen-address'."

e.g., extremely simple example. I use other options btw

> config:
forward-socks5 / .

> action:

> Clients

A, B, and C use Privoxy proxy server.
They can connect to TCP 80 or 443, nothing else.

I want "C" to route direct connection, and limit port to 8888.
Only C:
forward / .


Is this possible?

> Possible new idea

(!) Add 'If ~ Fi' on config.

forward-socks5 / .
If (Client-IP == '')
forward / .

Everyone must use SOCKS5.
But if the IP is, read the rules.

(!) Add 'client-ip-is' on action.

{+limit-connect{80,443} +add-header{Pri: Voxy}}

{+limit-connect{8888} +{client-ip-is{}}}

Everyone must use only 80 or 443.
But, if the Client IP is, limit only 8888, not 80/443. (also keep Pri: Voxy of course)

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